Enrolment Form & Conditions of Enrolment

Please be sure to read our Conditions of Enrolment listed below, complete the Enrolment Form and email to nswballetsch@yahoo.com.au  

The NSW School Enrolment Form: click here to download this file 

Conditions of Enrolment:

  • I acknowledge that my child/ren will be exposed to normal risks associated with participation in this course;
  • I understand that responsible physical contact between my child/ren and teaching staff is a necessary part of dance tuition;
  • I agree that photos taken during any performances may be used by The NSW Ballet School for advertising purposes;
  • Collection: Students are to be collected at the completion of their classes by a parent or authorized guardian;
  • Behaviour: As these are group activities (privates not included), students are expected to behave co-operatively and in a manner befitting the School's reputation;
  • Illness/Accident: If a child is unwell and unable to participate in the class, parents will be contacted to collect him/her. Conversely, if a student has a contagious illness or is unwell before entering the School's premises, it would be advisable to notify the office that the student will not be attending lessons.
  • What to Wear: Students are required to wear their full class uniform at all times. Female students are required to wear their hair in a neat secure bun.
  • Food & Drink: There is a NO eating policy (lollies & chips included) within the School's premises. Please ensure that only water, in a non-spill container, is brought to classes;
  • Personal Items: Students leaving personal items in the studio or dressing rooms do so at their own risk. There is no responsibility for lost or stolen personal items. It is advisable to label all uniforms including ballet shoes;
  • Constructive Criticism: Whilst every effort is made by teaching staff to conduct classes in a caring, safe and fun learning environment, constructive criticism is essential to the students learning and technical advancement.
  • Policy of Fee Payment: Term payments are required. Accounts will be issued at the beginning of each term and emailed to you prior to the commencement of the term. Any student who enrols during the term will receive their invoice within one week of enrolment.
  • An annual non-refundable registration fee must be paid prior to the first lesson to cover administration, and intellectual property fees for music.
  • Fees are to be paid for in advanced and are non-refundable. Credits and refunds will not be issued due to illnesses or holidays, OR if you choose not to return during the term for any reason. Fees can not to be transferred to another student or family member.
  • All accounts must be finalised within 21 days of billing.
  • If a tuition payment is more than 3 days late, a 10% Penalty will be incurred. If the payment has not been received by the 5th week of term, the student will not be admitted into classes. In the case that The NSW Ballet School must secure the services of a debt collector, a further 20% administration charge will be added to the outstanding account; Anyone with outstanding balances will NOT be permitted to perform at the annual concert.
  • Parents who are unable to meet the payment dead lines must speak to the Principal to arrange a suitable payment plan.
  • Overhead costs continue regardless of how many students attend classes, therefore there can be no refunds for classes not attended. This includes private lessons.
  •  Enrolment and Term fees are non-refundable.